2014 Theme

This edition will focus on interventions and innovative training methodologies for clinical populations.

We will discuss the latest trends in training applied to users or patients at risk for chronic disease, diversifying the choice of exercise therapy to offer. Methodologies such as high intensity interval training, functional, with body weight or sensorimotor training, were developed in order to be equivalent or exceed the clinical efficacy of conventional methodologies, while allowing greater functional transfer, and higher motivational levels among the participants. These interventions, because they are new, they require a broad scientific discussion of the feasibility, safety and efficacy of its use in clinical populations.

To that end this Conference includes several academic sharing moments from plenary sessions, workshops and hands-on space for presentation guidelines and clinical cases. We are certain you will get huge benefits from your participation, enhance your network of peers, thus getting further upgraded and able to treat or refer your patients .

Jorge A Ruivo, MD, PG Dipl, MsC and PhD student

Jorge A Ruivo, MD, PG Dipl, MsC and PhD student
(PRACTICE Organizing Commitee)


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