We are an interdisciplinar organization constituted by Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists, from three institutions:

Clinica das Conchas

Club Clinica das Conchas is an Health Academy that seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and risk factors combat. We are advocates of Exercise Medicine. We view exercise as a therapeutic technique in the prevention, correction or rehabilitation. The multidisciplinary team that includes sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and specialists in Exercise and Health provides ideal conditions to meet the needs of users.

Universidade Lusofona

Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies is the largest private university with ten Portuguese counting units characterized by the growth, development, innovation and dynamism. The area of Physical Education and Sport is one of the most recognized internally and externally, by demand and adequacy of their curricula. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport integrates all levels of study (bachelor, master and PhD), postgraduate courses and is ranked among the best in the specialty market.


Gnosies is an operating company's current Game Played - Training Consultancy Ltd, a specialist in Consulting and Training in the areas of Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport. This was born after the need to dignify and communicate science, and also to credit the professional authority of those who act in these areas; For these reasons, it has the mission to bring science closer to the Professional Community Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport.


We argue for Exercise Medicine. We see physical exercise as a therapeutic tool, with special interest in disease prevention and rehabilitation. The objective of this organization is to promote disclosure and discussion of the therapeutic effects of Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport in various public health problems, highlighting the synergies that can be created between the Medical Science and Exercise Science.


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